Changes afoot: new design, blog name and more to come

published on March 29, 2010 in Miscellaneous

Some of you have noticed that the blog went from a mostly blue colour scheme, to black and grey two weeks ago. A lot of you have also emailed me privately to discuss the change of name that happened last week. Although there’s still one major change in the works (all will be revealed soon), for now here is what I can tell you:

  • the black and grey colour scheme with the “piggy bank” works better than the original blue colours. The latter also ties in quite well with my Twitter, and other social profiles;
  • the domain name is shorter, allowing me to use it as my own URL shortener hence maintaining full control over the announcement of new articles;
  • the domain name is global (.net instead of and will help me with establishing the blog as a more global “brand” (not limited to the UK);
  • the change of name was also decided following observations I received from visitors:
    1. the original name lead people to think the website was a “practice” site, not a real one;
    2. medical & dental practices were enquiring about articles targeting their own industries;
    3. there could have been a possible confusion with one of the other providers of web services to accountants, with trademark infringement to boot, so “better safe than sorry”.

The new name solves all three problems;

I can also tell you that one of the existing suppliers of websites for accountants has expressed some interest in acquiring the blog as they were thinking of starting one themselves… I will keep you posted if/when this gets official.

And finally, I will also try to move from one article a week to a 2 articles (Mondays and Fridays).


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