No email subscription on your blog could cost you dozens of regular readers!

published on February 19, 2010 in Blogging

Can you disregard up to 40% of readers who could be potential clients?

RSS has been around for over 2 decades but it is still perceived as a new and “geek-only” technology. A vast majority of people don’t use a feed aggregator, and simply don’t want to know about RSS.

If you are not taking them into consideration by offering an alternative way of subscribing to your blog, you could be losing on a huge chunk of regular readers. As an example, on an established technology orientated blog aimed at savvy web users, email subscriptions represented over 25% of the total. Imagine that number for a non-tech accountancy website. It could easily reach 40%.

How to offer email subscription on your blog?

There are quite a few websites out there offering an RSS to Email Newsletter service that sends an alert to a list of emails every time a new article is posted on your blog. It’s usually as simple as signing up, typing your feed address, choosing some colours and … forgetting about it.

For a relatively new blog, you could try a free services like Feedburner or MailChimp. Feedburner would be my recommendation because it requires less technical knowledge and it is free for life (MailChimp is free for up to 500 Subscribers allowing 3000 emails a month).

Setting up Feedburner to enable email subscription

  1. Sign up for a Feedburner Account (or sign-in using your existing Google account and add this service to it);
  2. Create / burn a feed or click on an existing one;
  3. Go to “Publicize” > “Email Subscriptions” > “Activate“;
    Feedburner Email Subscription

    Feedburner Email Subscription

  4. Four options appear once the email subscription is activated:
    Feedburner Email Options

    Feedburner Email Options

    • “Subscription Management”. The HTML code you need to copy and paste on your site to get the email subscription form;
    • “Communication Preferences”. The email confirmation that is sent to your subscribers when they sign-up (double opt-in). Edit the text to make it you own;
    • “Email Branding”. The logo, colours and font options that will be used in your email alerts. You can preview the way the alerts will look;
    • “Delivery Options”. The timezone and delivery schedule settings;

And that’s it, your done. Copy/Paste the code and start enjoying a larger subscriber base.


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July 3, 2011 at 6:05 pm

I have always enjoyed email subscriptions; I wonder why so many blogs don’t have them. It is probably the easiest way to follow your favorite blogs and it makes it so much more easier to remind your readers of your presence – constantly!
Hajra also wrote Why You SHOULD Be Lazy!


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